Jefferson Westshore Eco-Friendly Valet Trash Disposal


Outside every imposing apartment block are planted the tall Florida palm trees that guard the perimeters of the Jefferson Westshore community. The green leaves contrast beautifully with the newly-renovated interiors and exteriors of the Jefferson Westshore apartments with their white color paints outside, and white and beige colors inside.

 The Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal complies with the provisions of the Florida Health and Safety Code on solid waste disposal and transport. Information on the weekly system of garbage disposal and collection using standard environmental, health and safety practices are in place inside each Jefferson Westshore apartment. 

 At the Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal, you belong to an environment-friendly community of residents leading to the experience of unique and positive experiences for you and your guests.

 Under the Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal your apartment is provided with garbage bins that segregate biodegradable from non-biodegradable garbage. Each bin is placed a black plastic bag inside for easy pullout of trash from the bin. 

 Recycling bins and replacement bins are available and provided free by Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal.

 A valet trash service contractor is hired by the Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal that comes to Westshore once a week to collect the recyclables and biodegradables. The valet trash service uses a frontloading Community Waste Disposal truck to load both recyclables and biodegradables.

 You can read and follow the instructions on where to place garbage that is non-biodegradable to encourage participation in waste source reduction, composting, reuse, and recycling in accordance with the environment code. Residents can easily comply with the weekly requirement. 

 Recyclable materials include office paper, flattened cereal boxes, junk mail, envelopes, phone books, newspapers, aluminum and tin cans, glass whether clear or colored, plastic jugs and bottles. The Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal encourages residents to follow the guidelines on trash segregation. 

 The main office of the Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal notifies each apartment by telephone, text message or online of the arrival of the garbage collection truck and requests the residents to take out from the bins the black plastic bags containing the recyclable garbage and the non-recyclable of biodegradable materials. The well-tied plastic bags are then placed outside beside the door and picked up by the valet trash service.

 The innovative Jefferson Westshore eco-friendly valet trash disposal is one of the apartment features of Jefferson Westshore Apartments to make the residents’ lifestyle living more convenient, and safe. Other community features include a fitness center, extra storage, laundry facility, pet park, clubhouse, a stunning resort swimming pool, and a friendly neighborhood.  Visit us at